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About Us

About Roboticat Communications

Daniel Talsky and Ben Sodenkamp started Roboticat with a little garage space, a little computer equipment and absolutely no capital. Now we have colocated servers at the Internap facility and dozens of customers depend on us for their ongoing web needs.

We're proud of the work we do and are dedicated to turning businesses' web dreams into reality, no matter how big a challenge that might be.

About Ben Sodenkamp

Ben is our resident systems administrator and troubleshooting maniac. Strange and unexplained computer problems fall under the weight of his methodical approach. Customers end up calling him for help with things that have nothing to do with web development...and of course he's able to help them.

Ben keeps his eye on security and makes sure that our customers are ensured a hearty, stable web and application hosting environment.

About Daniel Talsky

Daniel is our application architect. He likes to talk to customers about what they need, and turn it into real project requirements. He's a designer! He's a programmer! He knows how to talk to clients, designers, and programmers and make all the pieces work together. When he designs an application, you know it will be easy to extend, maintain and grow with.

Daniel is a web technology evangelist and teaches web development classes to beginners in Seattle, WA. Web standards are important to him, and he builds web sites with industry "best practices."

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